Digital Marketing For Realtors Is A Field That Can Change Rapidly, But The Basics Remain The Same For 2017

A Great Website

To be considered a part of the top of your field, you still need a website – a good one.

Sellers want to see that you’re at the cutting edge of the technical world and that their properties will be shared and displayed in the best possible way. Meanwhile, buyers want to find a personal connection with you and hear about why you’re different than your competition.

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Digital Marketing and Zillow are still the top two sites for real estate. Google’s search results offer the most value to the top players – which means that and Zillow are dominating the search game.

You are not going to successfully compete with them on basic real estate keywords, so rather than trying to fight these behemoths, join them and start advertising better on their platform. This will give you the best access to the buyers and sellers using those sites – and that’s very much a necessity, since many of their users won’t check anywhere else.


Blogging is still important for many reasons – SEO, local SEO, associating long-tail keywords with your site, and so on. Search engines like Google tend to reward fresh, new content – the basic idea is that Realtor websites that are regularly updated are probably more timely, relevant, and likely to match what users are actually searching for.

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On the other hand, websites that sit for too long can seem abandoned – and therefore shouldn’t be anywhere near the front page, much less on it.

Now, when I’m talking with someone about digital marketing for Realtors, one of the most common questions I get is “How often should I blog?”

The truth is, that’s actually the wrong question. The right question is “How often can I create a high-quality blog that will help my SEO and attract people to my site?”.

If you can blog 4-5 time a week, great! Do that. On the other hand, if you feel you can only manage it 1-2 times a month, then do that instead. Don’t neglect blogging because you think there’s some magic number of posts per-month that you don’t have the time to create.

Remember, blogs don’t have to be authored by you. You might have an associate that can add to the blog roll, or perhaps you just know someone who’s good at writing and happy to work part-time for you.

If you’re handing your blog to someone else, it can help to do a “series” type of blog where they can write multiple posts on the same subject.

Series Ideas For Blog Posts

The following blog ideas work well for digital marketing for Realtors, and can be easily handed off to an associate who knows the area.

  • Highlights in your Service Area: This can include things like attractions, restaurants, yearly festivals, parks, and other things that make a region fun to live in. The key thing to keep in mind here is that you’re not just trying to sell a building – you’re trying to sell a lifestyle, and showing that a region is a fun place to live can help you seal the deal.
  • Moving Tips: Apartment moving tips, moving a family, helping an elderly person move, pros and cons of hiring movers… that sort of thing. Most people enjoy getting help with their move, any any advice you can give them about moving in your area is likely to be appreciated.
  • Seasonal Updates and Maintenance: In these posts, you can discuss what needs to be done in each of the seasons to keep a house in good condition. You can discuss things like dealing with pipes (especially exposed ones), checking for leaks and problems, and how often to clear out the gutters.

This helps with digital marketing for Realtors because it improves the number of people visiting your website – and even if they’re not buying or selling right now, the fact that people are visiting your website will help strengthen its overall placement.

Even though the digital world seems to be changing day by day, it’s still important to have a well-designed website, focus on SEO, and work with the major players like Zillow and

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