How Your Business Can Afford The Key Elements Of Digital Marketing

If you are wondering whether you can afford to add digital marketing to your overall marketing efforts, it helps to plan a budget covering each of its core elements.

We like to think about digital marketing as a three-legged stool.

What are the three legs, and what can you expect to spend on each?

Let’s take them one at a time.


1. Your Website

Because everything you do online flows out from, and back to, your website, this will be your most valuable digital asset. As such, you can expect it to be your most expensive initial investment.

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Check out SquarespaceWordPressWix, and Weebly as free, or low-cost, options for building out your own website. Come to the project equipped with website copy, imagery, and videos ready to “drag and drop” into these site builders. Also, make sure you know your brand’s style and values inside and out so everything you produce for the site is tied together.

Remember why you are building the site: to convert visitors into new business leads. That means writing and designing calls-to-action and contact forms that entice visitors to share their contact information with you.

Digital marketing agencies specialize in doing this effectively, and hiring the right company is an investment that will pay off in a steady, new source of leads for your business. Expect to pay about $2,000 – 3,000 for a modern, mobile-responsive, visually pleasing, lead-generating website.


2. Content Marketing

This leg of the digital marketing stool is the most budget-friendly, but also perhaps the most challenging.

There is no direct cost associated with knowing your industry, publishing insightful content that is relevant to prospective customers, and distributing it on your blog and via social media. But maintaining a pace that positively affects your site’s search engine rankings, and doing so consistently over the long run, takes commitment and is time intensive.

It’s worth evaluating whether outsourcing your content marketing program can fit into your budget.

Partnering with a digital marketing company with a strong reputation and solid track record of producing high-quality content that improves search engine rankings can save you time, and provide a higher return on investment. If your time is better spent running your business than marketing it, this may be your best bet.

3. Digital Advertising

The cost of pay-per-click ads and social media ads are completely under your control and can be managed to fit any budget.

Enter the bidding marketplace for pay-per-click keywords with a budget in mind. In a crowded industry, you will probably want to avoid making a play for generic keywords. The bidding is high for those, and it’s hard to make an impact in search engine results.

It’s better to compete on search terms that are more specific to your solutions and your geography. These long-tail keywords cost less to advertise around, and using them ensures the people who see your ads truly are quality prospects for your business.

Social media advertising is also a controlled and targeted way to spend your marketing dollars. Social media ad platforms allow you to lock in a budget per ad campaign up front, then target particular demographic segments to show your ad to. Your spend can be as little as a few dollars to get your feet wet. As you increase your spend, your ad will be shown to more people, but only among the target audience you have created.

Social media ads are a great way to try different messages, control your spend, and increase your investment as you learn what is getting the best response.


A digital marketing campaign can fit in with any marketing budget, and whether you are launching your campaigns in-house or outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, it is an investment that will pay off in increased leads for your business.


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