Being Valuable To Customers Is Good Marketing

The idea of offering value to prospective clients is part of the ideology of successful inbound marketing.

Unlike traditional ads, which simply look to push into someone’s life and get their attention, inbound marketing works by trying to get the attention of people who are already interested in a given topic.

In modern marketing, something is “valuable” if it offers some kind of genuine help or support to a customer, whether that’s in the form of industry knowledge, the answer to a question, or the promise of help and customer support.

Why You’ll Get Loyal Customers By Being Valuable

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People will gravitate towards companies that provide a value or service to them.

A customer types a question into a search engine, and the company or organization who can answer that question, and perhaps offer an item or service that supports that answer, provides value.

People are accustomed to finding information quickly and easily – become the trusted provider of that information, offer a little bit more, and they continue to visit your page and possibly recommend you to others!

The big driver here is social media. People who like something are more likely to share their thoughts, tell their friends, and recommend a product or service to others – and they’re happy to do so. Everyone wants to help their friends get the best result, right?

The amount of value you provide has a direct correlation with the loyalty of your customers. The more you offer to them, the more they’ll give you in return.

Being the company that offers that means that you’ll get all the recommendations – and people who are recommending you aren’t likely to jump to another company anytime soon.

Making Value A Two-Way Street

Providing valued doesn’t mean you have to give everything away for free and hope your visitors will convert.

One of the most effective ways of making value a two-way street is providing gated content – that is, requiring the customer to give you information before they receive your offer.

This is most often a request for a name and email so you can enter them into your database. But it is also a great opportunity for you to gather more information about your target audience. You might include questions that will help your market research, or define your demographic. Gathering this type of information can be extremely valuable for your marketing efforts.

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Keep in mind that you shouldn’t ask for too much for your offer. An email and one or two questions is appropriate, or you risk losing a new contact by making the process too long or intrusive.

Track Your Success

Putting valuable content and offers out there is important if you want to harness the power of inbound marketing. But don’t forget to check your progress.

After you have some offers and content out there, see what is resonating with your audience! Is it a topic? A blog? A download? What kind of traction are you getting with your target audience?

Once you have figured out what your audience wants, use that information to create new content and offers! Maybe your audience is a big fan of your blogs. If so, see if you can add a few more to your program and be sure to share them on social media or through emails.

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The beauty of inbound marketing is that you will be able to see what resonates and what doesn’t and you can continually tweak your program to make it work for you!

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