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Instagram Threads: The Good, The Bad, and The Pause

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The newest social media platform from Meta comes with plenty of opportunities and challenges for marketers and users.

We are once again seeing a massive change to the digital landscape as Meta introduces Threads to Instagram–but what does that mean for marketers? While it’s still early, it’s time to seriously consider how marketing agencies can leverage this new social media platform to benefit their clients. Take a 360-look at the positives and negatives of Threads with us.

What is Threads

Fully launched on July 6, Instagram Threads is a direct challenge to Twitter. The app “offers a new separate space for real-time updates and public conversations,” according to Meta. And the app does lend itself to conversations. Much like Twitter, Threads allows users to reply to posts, quote other posts, and repost. The bonus here is that users can share posts from threads directly to Instagram stories.

Creating a Threads account is seamless. Tied directly to your Instagram account, usernames, passwords, and account names can remain the same, but users can have a bio unique to their Threads account–a huge plus for marketers looking to position themselves on the new platform.

The Good

Threads gained 100 million users within days of its launch, but big companies and names are signing up–including nine of the 10 top retail companies.

Despite some brands waiting to see how everything shakes out after Threads’ seemingly early success, the platform does give business the chance to organic traffic. The 500-character count and the ability to post videos, links, and pictures are huge advantages for marketers looking to distill more complex ideas while still being concise in their messaging.

Meta has responded quickly, showing they are committed to improving theBHM _ Threads Blog platform as quickly as possible. There will be a learning curve for users and marketers, but the potential is enormous as this new platform doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The ‘Bad’

Meta is currently waiting for Threads user numbers to creep up to critical mass before introducing paid social ads, according to information received by Axios–and this move makes sense. With a better understanding of how the user base is interacting with the platform and of potential system glitches, Meta is doing everyone a favor by making sure all of the technical T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted before monetizing the platform.

One major point to consider as we wait for branding tools to become available is that Threads is algorithm based. Because posts will not appear in chronological order, as is done on Twitter, posting time-sensitive material on this platform does not guarantee that users will see the information immediately. For now, it may be best to stick to organic posts.

The Pause

Privacy concerns are the driving force behind the EU’s decision to pause access to Threads. The present agreement does allow Meta to access a large amount of personal data–including physical address, search history, and what is simply termed as “sensitive information.” The app can also forward personal details to third parties.

It’s also worth noting that users cannot delete their Threads account once created without deleting their Instagram account. There is, however, the option to deactivate it. Threads can be an incredible tool for marketers, but it’s a waiting game right now.

The biggest cause for pause is the recent plummet in Threads users. While Threads tallied an impressive number of users directly after its launch, Forbes notes that users have drastically dropped to about 13 million. It remains to be seen whether or not that number will increase as Threads ages and improves, but for now it’s crucial to watch the numbers and determine if and how businesses can effectively engage with users.

While 13 million users is nothing to gloss over, the steep decline in numbers is something for businesses to give special consideration to thinking of marketing on Threads. Non-chronological posts mean that time-sensitive posts may get lost in the shuffle. The ability for marketers to engage with their target audience in a more conversational manner, along with the additional character length for posts, is a huge plus, however. As it matures and adjusts to provide users with the social experience they need, Threads has the potential to be a huge marketing tool.

Shannon Briden

Account Manager
Shannon brings her MBA education and design background to find creative, innovative solutions to everyday marketing problems.

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