Self-Improvement And Business Growth Through Content Creation


Content marketing is not only a way to educate and attract potential customers, it’s also an educational tool for business owners.

You know your products and services, and you know your industry. Executing a content marketing program will take your knowledge and expertise to new levels. It will make you a web publisher, a subject-matter expert, and a resource for potential customers.

Creating content around industry topics compels you to think more critically about your industry’s issues, and how your business can offer successful solutions. It will get you in better touch with your business’ mission, personality, and strengths.

Yet, self-improvement is just a side benefit of a content marketing program. The primary benefit is increased website traffic, leads, and customers.

Here are five specific ways to use content marketing for business growth:

1) To Attract New Leads

5 Ways to Use Content Marketing for Business Growth

Consider the following questions: “Who are my ideal customers and what are they looking for?”; “What questions do potential customers have about my business or industry?”; “What can I share from my area of expertise that will be of value to people?”

Your answers will give you a solid foundation for high-quality content.

If you can become a resource within your industry or field – whether it’s by writing blog posts, creating podcasts, or producing videos – then people will seek you out when they are researching solutions.

Long-form blog posts, as well as transcripts of podcasts and videos, that are embedded with search terms relevant to your industry will make your content ascend search engine result pages.

High search rankings and content that prospects find valuable and educational will translate into increased website visitors.


2) To Engage On Social Media

Your content is your key to social media engagement. Everything you produce can become an online conversation starter and can be shared by your audience to increase your exposure.

Monitoring the reaction to your posts on social media, and engaging with people who comment on them, is a great way to discern your best material and formats. Some topics may engender greater engagement than others, and this can help you determine what to create for future posts.

Creating compelling content for social sharing will raise your profile, grow your audience, and position your company as an industry leader.


3) To Convert Leads

Converting prospective customers who are perusing your website into quality leads for your business takes a different kind of content. You will need to go beyond the blogs you distribute for free around the web and create a more extensive offering.

These offerings can take the form of an e-book, a webinar, or a primary research article that is downloadable only from your website – and only after a prospect provides enough contact information to allow you to follow up with them.


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What is the information that would be most valuable for your business to know about a prospect? Your contact information request forms could be extensive and detailed or simple and sparse.

Either way, make sure the content reward you provide for a prospect’s contact information is worth it to them.


4) To Nurture Leads

Your email list should be segregated into potential leads and existing customers. You can segment further to identify different types of leads and different types of existing customers.

The more segmenting you do, the more relevant you can make your email content by sending different types of emails to different types of audiences.

An email list is for nurturing into future or repeat customers. It’s a chance to continue to enlighten your contacts with engaging and helpful content. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your company’s unique selling proposition and personality.

5) To Turn Your Customers Into Promoters

Your content marketing campaign is also for those who have already purchased from you. Remarkable content can be applied after purchase to engender loyalty and turn customers into promoters of your brand.

Some ideas for content you can provide to existing and repeat customers include:

  • Tips on how to get the most out of your product or service
  • How-to videos
  • Research articles on more advanced topics
  • Sneak previews of unreleased products

A content marketing program is a methodical process you can start any time that capitalizes on current consumer habits and the internet to grow your business.


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