With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you can better your strategy to address new trends in content marketing. Here are four things we think are going to be big in 2019!

Social media

If aren’t already including social media in your marketing strategy, then you definitely want to in the new year. In 2018, 68% of Americans were using Facebook and 70% of all adults were using some social media platform. Young or old, your target audience is using social media in some way.

How to Utilize Social Media in 2019


With 2 billion users, Facebook is still the most popular social platform. Next year, try to incorporate sharing different types of content to fully take advantage of the platform; try live streaming or 360 photos to always keep your content fresh and engaging. You can also pay to promote your content, which almost guarantees more exposure.


Because it’s a primarily text-based platform, Twitter is a great place for customer service. Use Twitter to speak directly with your consumers. Unfortunately, you are limited to 280 characters so you might not be able to elaborate, but Direct Message is also available.


Perfect for visual people, Instagram is primarily photo-based and is a great platform to express a little more creativity. Getting quality photos isn’t as difficult as you might think, and there are tons of options for content. You can also share posts from other businesses to build up your local SEO.


Networking with other professionals is important for the growth of your business. LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses because it is the most popular platform for professional networking. Try paying to promote posts to help get your content seen by more users.



Cisco has predicted that 82% of all internet traffic will be video in the new year. Not only are videos becoming more popular, 72% of marketers believe that video has helped their conversion rates. Videos are versatile and can be posted to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How To Utilize Video Content In 2019


Video is a great medium to show-off new products. You can demonstrate and test the product, which builds consumer trust. Video is so effective, 74% of users who watched a video explaining a product made a purchase.


Webinars, tutorials, or presentations all of these forms of video are a great  tool for going in-depth on a topic to educate the viewer. This type of content is especially effective for B2B and professional services.

Google Hangouts makes it easy to host a webinar, but it can also be used to host Q&A sessions or tutorials.

Build Awareness

Video creates a lot of opportunity for creativity, making it a great way to build your brand. Once you know your target demographic, think of video content that will engage the viewer and express your unique brand. Video allows you to use strong visuals while also using text or speech to clearly and succinctly spread your message.


Artificial intelligence is becoming more common, and for good reason. Chatbots can assist and manage customers all on their own! Don’t worry about leaving your customers waiting in a queue, or not being there when needed, chatbots can use AI to function independently.

How To Utilize Chatbots In 2019

Basic Chatbots

Basic bots use keywords to answer a limited, specific set of questions. Although not as advanced, this type of chatbot can still be a great benefit to the user for clarifying simple questions such as hours of operation or refund policies.

AI Chatbots

AI does not rely on keywords and is capable of answering more complex questions. Thanks to AI, this type of bot is able to learn and adapt to user preferences to better serve the user.



Consumer trust is important and the internet has made it much easier for businesses to connect with their current and potential customers. Although your product or service is important, your audience would also like to get to know you and learn about the values of your business and what sets you apart.

How To Promote Authenticity In 2019

Understanding the core values of your target demographic is key, and hopefully you already share these values. You then want to express your genuine dedication to these values to your audience.


Social media makes engaging easy. Posting content other than products and promotions will tell your followers more about the people behind the brand. Try live streaming an event or posting photos of your employees to let viewers get to know you.


Respond to your followers in the comments, don’t leave them hanging! Take advantage of the comment section as a place to talk directly with your audience.

Be transparent and honest, always. Even when something goes wrong, it’s important that you own your mistakes and show you genuinely care about righting the situation.


Though digital advertising and content marketing are important, they’re merely the base of your marketing strategy. Go beyond the ordinary and explore new ways of engaging your audience. Take a risk, it’s a new year!

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