A Curated List Of Our Top Ten Blogs for Professional Services Marketing

Professional services marketing has its own unique set of needs when it comes to inbound marketing, and that’s part of why we’ve spent the last year discussing you can achieve success for your professional services organization.

1) How to Use Social Media for Professional Services Marketing

Social media has quickly become one of the most important methods of marketing for companies – and professional services are no exception.

In this post, we go over what successful professional services do differently from other industries, with a particular emphasis on properly using three major platforms.

2) Professional Services Blog Calendar How-To

Most professionals aren’t bloggers – and that’s a real issue for companies, since blogging is one of the best methods of marketing they have. That’s why we created a free calendar to take you through an entire year of blogging, complete with subjects, keywords, and advice on sprucing things up.

This How-To page explains the different parts of the calendar and serves as your guide for getting the most out of your first real blogging campaign.

3) 4 Things Prospects Look for in a Professional Services Website

Having a website is a critical part of professional services marketing – but what do visitors actually want your site to have?

This blog post focuses on four must-have pages that will help convince prospects to convert into customers.

4) What Are The Most Popular Pages on A Professional Services Website?

This post is a partner for #3, and focuses on another set of pages that visitors to your website will be looking for.

The main difference here is that these pages are mostly for newer visitors (who haven’t yet decided if they want to hire you), while the pages for prospects are for visitors who know a little bit about your company and are deciding whether or not they want to hire you.

Have you determined your Unique Selling Proposition so you can stand out from the crowd? 4 Examples of Effective and Unique Selling Propositions

5) 5 Ways to Optimize Your Professional Services Website for Lead Generation

Getting people to your website is only the first part of professional services marketing. Once they’re there, you need to start converting them into leads – and that’s what this post focuses on.

6) 5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Services Website

Once the basic part of your website is set up, it’s time to start tweaking and improving it.

This blog post focuses on five of the most helpful ways of improving your site, with a particular emphasis on understanding what visitors are doing and how you can use that information to decide on your next course of action.

7) 3 Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing for Your Professional Services

Websites get a lot of focus on our blog, but they’re not the only thing your company needs to truly do well with content marketing.

Email is a major factor in the overall success of your campaigns, and this blog post goes into three ways that using it will help your business.

8) How Buyer Personas Drive Inbound Marketing Success

Buyer personas are one of the most popular things businesses use these days, and with good reason – they’re a reliable predictor of how a given group of customers is likely to react to your marketing, branding, and messaging.

This helpful post explains how the buyer personas you create will ultimately drive your success as a business.

9) 5 Ways Blogging Helps Professional Services Teams Show Their Expertise and Provide Value

One of the best ways of converting people into customers is convincing them that you are the expert – you understand the subject, you have the answers, and most importantly of all, you can solve their problem.

This post supports that and highlights the ways that blogging can help you demonstrate the expertise that customers want to hear about.

10) How to Use Long Tail Keywords for Professional Services Blogging

Finally, it’s important to get eyeballs on the posts you’re making – so this blog focuses on how you can use long tail keywords to draw traffic. Not sure what long tail keywords actually are? Don’t worry, we cover that as well.

This is one of the pillars of inbound marketing, and mastering it will make a big difference in your overall marketing efforts.

These ten blogs should get you started with great information and best practices for your marketing efforts. We’re always sharing tips and information so check back in often!

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