How Do You Know Your Blog Is Doing Well?

If you have been blogging consistently, you understand the search engine value and lead generation potential of your efforts. You also appreciate how your blog has enlivened your social media pages and raised brand awareness through retweets and shares.

If you are ready to make an even bigger impact, focus on these three ways to make your blog more successful.

3 Ways to Make Your Blog More Successful

Narrow Your Focus

It may seem counterintuitive to improve your blog by restricting its scope, but greater focus on your company’s niche will lead to more in-depth blogging and a more engaged audience.

Greater specificity also leads to improved search engine performance, because you will be using the search terms that are most specific to your location and the industry issues your company is best at solving.

Maintaining a broad focus, by contrast, will have you competing for search engine value on generic keywords that are more difficult to rank high for.

Another benefit of more focused blogging is that you will attract prospects that are most qualified to do business with you.


Share Your Research

The most valuable blog posts I find are the ones that provide unique or primary research, and present it in a digestible format. Your company probably isn’t in the business of researching industry trends for publication, but you may have more to offer than you realize.

Consider expanding on the insights you have gained from your market research, industry knowledge, and experience with further research that you can distill into a blog post.

Go a step further by creating infographics to present the story of your data in a user-friendly way.

Primary research and infographics make for fantastic blog post and are also great social media conversation starters!

Focus On Headers

Do you write your blog post headers first, last, or while you are writing your post? Starting every blog post with a clear topic in mind is important, but writing your header first is usually a mistake that can sap header creativity.

Start writing first. Sometimes your header idea will come to you before you have finished the post.

The best headers, though, are usually written after your post is finished and refined. That’s when your thoughts on your topic are most organized and you can brainstorm attention-grabbing ways to present it.

Headers are important. They are the first thing people will see and know about your post. Plan to dedicate time to header writing after your post is written. Think in terms of why your post is useful to readers, and use active verbs that create an urgency to click through.

Improvement in these three areas will lead to more impactful blogging within your industry’s online community as well as increased page views and leads.

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