Blogging, as a marketing technique, has been around for a while now. When things change so rapidly in the digital marketing sector, you may begin to wonder if blogs are still a valuable marketing tool. We say definitely yes!

Below we explain 5 benefits of blogging and why they still ring true in 2017.

1) Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the most fundamental parts of having a website is getting visitors to look at it – and blogging is a fantastic way to do that. This comes into play on a few levels.

  • First, as I’m going to discuss in more detail below, blogs help with search engine optimization. Just having a blog with regularly updated fresh and relevant content is going to help you rank higher and attract more visitors from organic searches.
  • Posting content relevant to your business means you will be found by many different types of visitors in different ways. Those searching for an answer to their problem may happen upon your blog for the answer and then stick around to see what kind of services or products you offer.
  • Your blog can provide information that will be linked to by other sites. These are back links, and having links to your blog on many other sites can provide a steady stream of visitors who are interested in a specific piece of content you’re offering.
  • Sharing your blogs through social media is another avenue that brings people to your website. If you’re posting regularly, blogs are a GREAT piece of content to share with your followers!

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2) Convert Visitors into Customers

Blogging can help convert all of that traffic to your website into leads!

Helpful and informative blogs can solve a need for the people visiting your website. If they’ve been searching around for an answer to a question, and you’ve answered that question for them, you have become a valuable resource.

You can build trust and credibility through your blogs (as long as what you are writing is authentic). People are more likely to buy from a familiar and trusted source, and you can become that source through blogging.

You can also generate leads and convert customers with your blog by adding calls-to-action to every blog post.

This is an opportunity for your reader to get something from you; a download, resource guide, whitepaper, webinar, etc. In return, you get emails and other contact information that allows you to continue engaging with someone who has shown an interest.

3) A Long-Term Marketing Tool

Blogging is a long-term marketing tool. Every blog you publish will be up on your site for as long as you keep it there.  If you’ve used good keywords and are providing valuable information then your blog will continue to be found through Google searches as well as visitors browsing through your site.

Most often, you will see the biggest surge when you initially post a blog and share it through other marketing channels like social media and newsletters. That is not the end of your blog’s life! You can link to it from other blogs or pages on your site if the information is pertinent and helpful.

And it’s a great idea to re-share a blog as long as the information contained within is still relevant. Seasonal blogs as well as evergreen blogs can have several go-rounds that have the potential to reach new eyes every time.

With blogging, there is often months or years of returns for a one-time investment.


4) A Low-Cost Marketing Tool

Blogs are a truly affordable way to provide value to your audience and keep them coming back for more.

You can work a blog program into your marketing without too much investment! If you are a natural writer then you have an advantage, of course. Write what you know, add some great photos and links and you’ve got a blog!

However, you don’t have to be a novelist to create a great blog. You can make a list blog, or a photo heavy blog, or include a video diary.  Just makes sure whatever it is provides value and relates to your business. Also, include keywords and phrases for which you would like to be found.

If you have someone on your staff who likes to write, work it into part of their general duties. It’s also possible to outsource blog writing. There are many online agencies that can help you outsource your blog writing to a network of writers.

There is a wide price range for these types of services so do some research and find a marketplace that fits your budget.

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5) Good for SEO

Finally, blogging is a fantastic way to improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts. A website without a blog has less of an opportunity to show up organically because it has fewer search terms being used.

Blogging can help you rank for dozens or hundreds of different keywords – and as your site grows, it will also start to do better for each term.

No other part of a website has the ability to improve SEO on so many different levels. In 2015 Hubspot reported that companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. Simply put, blogging helps you get found online.

Blogging is still a great investment for your business in 2017. If you haven’t started, take the time to set a blog roll up on your website and start publishing! If you’re already doing so, keep up the good work and know that your efforts are worthwhile.

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