Your Marketers Are More Prepared Than They Know

The professionals who make up your business’ marketing team are likely at least peripherally aware of inbound marketing.

While it is a non-traditional method for generating sales, there is nothing to prevent any talented marketing team from shifting gears and implementing an inbound marketing campaign.

Have faith that the skills your team relies on in your traditional marketing efforts can be repurposed for sustained success in inbound marketing.

You just may need to encourage a shift in mindset.

Shifting approaches is challenging, but I’ll bet you will be pleasantly surprised by how open to the inbound approach your team is. Inbound is aligned with today’s buying habits – where a prospect’s first move is to research their options online – and best positioned to evolve with technology.

It’s where your team will want to be. Here’s how to get them over that initial hurdle of change.

How to Encourage Your Team to Adopt Inbound Marketing

Make It Personal

We’ve all typed a question into a Google search bar and been educated by the content that comes up. Maybe a staffer has also clicked through from that content onto a company’s landing page and submitted personal information.

If so, they understand inbound marketing more than they probably realize. Remind them of the value other companies’ inbound marketing has created for them on a personal level.


Create A Sense Of Urgency

Can you point to a competitor who is using inbound marketing? If so, that becomes an effective motivator for your team to jump onboard. Show them competitor content and illustrate the pace of publishing your competitor is maintaining.

If there is no competitor you can point to, that’s another source of motivation – getting ahead of the competition in shedding old, interruptive techniques and becoming skilled in the method best suited for the digital age.


Creating Durable Value

Your team’s content creation efforts are valuable not only as the pieces are published; they maintain their value over time. In the resource-intensive world of inbound marketing, that’s a comforting thought.

Content that is properly keyworded for search engine optimization keeps working for you as long as the web page they are on is live. Impart to your team that they are creating durable assets for your company.


Increase The Quality Of Your Leads

Inbound marketing is a great way to gather actionable intelligence about the leads you generate, resulting in higher quality prospects for your company to work with.

Insights about a prospect’s online behavior, the content they have downloaded, and the information they have submitted through your online forms paints a rather detailed picture of who they are and what they are looking for.

This insight helps your sales team tailor their approaches and take an advisory role with prospects instead of a making cold sales pitches.

Explain That There Is Help Out There

Share with your team the online resources that are available to not only help them get started with inbound marketing, but also to help them sustain their efforts.

Learn the methodology with a free Hubspot class; use templates to define your target audience; fill out a content calendar to help you keep a steady pace; and read the forums and blogs that stay on the cutting edge of inbound issues.


Whether they know it or not, your marketing team is ready and able to adopt inbound marketing. Use these ideas to offer the encouragement they need to get started and stick with it.


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