Inspiration From Companies Similar To Yours That Have Done It Right

The best about pages play to a company’s strengths.

For example, businesses with long, rich histories have a great story to tell in their evolution over time and the key growth and turning points along the way.

Startups will want to highlight their founders and the ideas and motivations that drove them to launch their enterprise.

For businesses that have a dedicated team of long-tenured employees, a focus on individual team members makes for a strong about page presentation.

Think about your own company’s strengths to determine the best approach for your about page. And find inspiration from a similar company among these five examples of amazing about pages.

For A Company With A Storied History


This Estee Lauder about page takes us from post-war Manhattan to the present day with a dazzling timeline that combines unique imagery with concise text. For all its richness – its decades of growth points and milestones – the page is well structured and easy to navigate.

Estee Lauder draws on its archives of magazine quality imagery – no doubt culled from the many editorial and advertising photo shoots for the high-end print publications of the 20th century – to capture the feeling of the different eras through which the company has thrived.

Each image is overlaid with fresh text, written from a present-day perspective, that concisely examines the people, products, and milestones that make up the company’s history.

The timeline leaves visitors with a deep understanding of the brand and its evolution.

This type of about page is not for every company, but if you have the history to emulate it, it’s a great template for how to do it right.

For Imagery And Word Interplay


Restaurants and caterers should have a lot of great imagery to work with to create a stunning about page.

The folks at Whoa Nelly Catering have clearly employed the services of a professional photographer to capture their colorful creations.

Their about page uses a carousel header to showcase a variety of dishes, and they do a great job of interspersing headers and subheaders of just the right size and length.

They include biographies of the two company founders that touch on their personal and professional histories, as well as their passions and motivations. Multiple customer testimonials are also on display, reinforcing the claims of great service and delicious food.

Finally, a contact form anchors the bottom of the page to encourage all those visitors moved by their story to contact the business and move forward.

For The Quirky Among Us


Do you provide a slightly offbeat service or fill a unique niche? Is quirkiness a calling card? Then make sure your about page reflects that, like the folks at molecube have.

Molecube, a mobile gaming company, plays up its oddball persona on its about page. From inimitable fonts to conversational phrases, Molecube makes a memorable presentation.

In addition to a large dose of personality, the page also contains the nuts and bolts that make up a good about page. It has a concise statement about what the company does and why, it offers easy-to-find contact information and a short contact form, and it presents multiple calls-to-action in the form of download buttons for its apps.

For A Team Showcase


The Studio Alto about page offers a nice header-subheader-detailed text package at the top, but the page really pops when it gets into introducing the company’s employees.

Well-lit photos combined with lively copy about each team member provide a friendly and in-depth look at the team.

For Solo Entrepreneurs


An entrepreneur’s about page should capture the essence of the creator and founder, and this page by designer Joe Payton uses drawing and animation to do that.

With a series of drawn self-portraits complemented by a chronological life and career story, Payton tells and shows us how he has evolved as a person and designer, and what motivates his work.


Which kind of a business do you have? Can you find common ground with any of the examples above? If so, these are great guides for creating an about page that stands out.


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