Different Approaches To Creating Contact Pages That Convert

Many of your website visitors are arriving in search of the quickest way to contact you. The smartphone era amplifies this reality and makes for a seamless experience for prospective and existing customers to tap from your website directly into an email or phone call.

It’s important for your “Contact Us” page to facilitate your website visitors’ quest to easily get in touch. But there is room for interpretation and a variety of excellent ways to accomplish that goal.

These are some the best examples of effective contact pages:

Weifield Group


Ensuring your contact page has mobile functionality is essential. This mobile display of a Colorado-based electrical engineering team’s contact page illustrates mobile best practices. There is a simple and prominent display of the three main traditional ways to make contact: physical address, phone number, and email address.

The company also makes great use of a contact form for mobile by asking for only the most basic information in four simple fields.

Further down, the page displays a Google map of the company’s location and footer navigation buttons to give page visitors options to navigate deeper into the website.



A contact page is a great opportunity for informal and fun phrases that engage website visitors. You are trying to strike up a relationship, so being friendly and helpful in your language can encourage people to reach out to you.

This international company uses an informal approach to give personality to what is otherwise a very basic contact page.



Contact pages and about pages can have some overlap. For example, it’s appropriate to include a staff photo on a contact page, just as it is to provide contact info on an about page. This contact page from Basecamp gives a staff portrait with assurances that helpful staffers are ready to talk to customers and prospects.

The illustration is a unique touch, but the same effect can be achieved through individual staff photos, or a group shot, whether formal or informal. The presence of friendly faces humanizes a contact page.



Bluehost has multiple customer possibilities and their contact page includes a template for how to handle this type of situation. Bluehost’s contact page gives each type of potential customer a dedicated contact path to the company.

The page also leads with alternative ways to get in touch, including a live chat button and prominent social media profile links from Facebook to Pinterest to Youtube to Twitter.

Further down you’ll find the traditional address, main phone number, e-mail addresses, and map of their headquarters in Massachusetts.

Brown’s Court Bakery


This contact page design is a perfect illustration of simplicity and brand-consistency. The bakery and its website exude an early-20th-Century feel, and when you load the contact page, that old-school feeling carries through.

The contact form is big and clean, and their essential information is at your fingertips.

This page is a reminder that everything you need on a contact page can fit into one browser window without the need to scroll down.


These five businesses approach their contact pages differently, but they all are effective at engaging site visitors and providing a user-friendly avenue to get in touch.

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