Template-Based, Drag-And-Drop Tools Have Democratized Website Design.


No longer are HTML coding skills a prerequisite for designing and maintaining an awesome site.

Squarespace is one of our favorites of these user-friendly tools. The platform allows people to quickly launch a professional site and maintain control of ongoing updates without getting bogged down in the underlying code.

By using Squarespace for website design, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a mobile responsive site that will display beautifully no matter what device (phone, tablet, laptop) your visitor is using.

Squarespace continues to improve to ensure all sites on the platform are eye-catching, secure, and have top-notch online sales capability.

What are the new Squarespace innovations for 2017? Here are the four you need to know.


1) Domain Checkout

When your customers are purchasing items from your website, it’s best that they stay at your “store” throughout the purchase. Yes, the sale is powered by Squarespace, but that needn’t be outwardly apparent.

4 Squarespace innovations for 2017

Squarespace agrees. It recently launched “Checkout on Your Domain” – a change that allows your checkout pages to retain your domain name. For example, when your customers are making a purchase, their web browser address bar will display your domain/checkout.

Before, customers had been redirected to a Squarespace-branded URL when making a purchase on your site.

This may seem like a minor tweak, but keeping the whole process under your URL umbrella creates an important sense of consistency and security for your customers.


2) Payment Integration

Squarespace also recently announced options to integrate their online stores with PayPal and Apple Pay. These types of payment software will be familiar to many of your customers and offer the ability to instantly make a purchase from any location using their preloaded payment and shipping information. For customers who use these services, having them available as a payment option is a big plus.


3) SSL Security

Okay, let’s get technical. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is now available for free on all Squarespace websites. SSL secures the connection between your website and your site visitor’s web browser. An SSL certificate signals that your internet security game is on point and allows your site visitors to feel confident that they are engaging with your site securely.

We Develop Websites Quickly And Efficiently With Squarespace

Squarespace has always provided great customer support, and they will walk you through the transition to an SSL secured site. As an added benefit, search engines look for SSL certificates, so making the transition to an SSL-certified site will improve your search engine optimization.

4) New Templates

Squarespace is known for its beautifully designed, highly visual templates, and new Squarespace templates – often geared for particular industries – are always coming out.

Two recent offerings are designed to showcase the work of artists and photographers. They do this by allowing site builders to represent the pages within their site with images. This acts as a visual navigation menu for site visitors. Pretty cool.

Squarespace also recently released a suite of templates designed for professional services businesses.

These designs are geared toward businesses that are less visual and more text heavy, such as attorneys or accountants. These templates are for businesses looking to build websites with an atmosphere of simplicity, intellectualism, and elegance.


These changes will keep Squarespace at the top of any list of website design tools, and they embody its commitment to continual improvement.



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