What is Viral Video Marketing?

“Viral” is a term used to describe digital content that is quickly widespread across the internet.

Though most viral videos in 2018 were for entertainment, like music videos and pranks, many marketers are investing in compelling video marketing campaigns to reach wider online audiences.

In fact, 63% of businesses use video content because it can be tailored to fit your budget and industry. Consumers value the information they gain from videos, with 51% of American adults responding that YouTube is very important when it comes to learning how to do something and 19% when deciding to make a purchase.

Whether you’re in a service industry or selling a product, there is video content your target audience will value.

5 Memorable Video Marketing Campaigns

1. Corning – A Day Made Of Glass

B2C companies might seem like they have a monopoly on video content marketing, but B2B content can go viral too!

Corning produces technologically advanced glass, ceramics, and other materials. This amazing video not only captivated other businesses with the possibilities for this specialized glass but also engaged with customers of the companies that Corning is targeting, which creates a greater demand and pushes companies to buy.

2. Always – Like A Girl

Many viral videos have a hopeful or inspirational tone that leaves the viewer feeling uplifted. Inspiring your audience might not seem like the key to improving visibility or sales, but a 2017 study by Cone Communications found that 86% of US consumers expect companies to take a stance on social and environmental issues.

D&AD chose Always for their Black Pencil 2015 award for their social impact through this campaign, reporting that before viewing “just 19% of 16-24s had a positive association toward ‘like a girl’. After watching, however, 76% said they no longer saw the phrase negatively. Furthermore, two out of three men who watched it said they’d now think twice before using the ‘like a girl’ as an insult. “ The videos also received more than 85 million views in over 150 countries on YouTube.

Always managed to create a viral campaign without ever mentioning their products.

3. Old Spice- The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Some brands can pull off humorous ads, but Old Spice took things to the next level with this campaign.

These short videos feature some absurd humor, meaning campaigns like this won’t work for every company. You have to make sure your content works with your brand and always keep your target audience in mind.

Old Spice also tapped into their social media presence by encouraging people to submit questions on Twitter to be answered and posted to YouTube by “Old Spice Guy,” which resulted in a staggering 2700% increase in Twitter followers and made Old Spice the number one Most Viewed Sponsored YouTube Channel.

4. Zoom- A Video Conference Call in Real Life

This is a great example of a B2B company utilizing two things that many companies struggle to include in their content- humor and influencers.

Zoom partnered with Tripp and Tyler, a comedic YouTube production duo, to create a funny video aimed at entertaining audiences while subtly marketing their services. Although they don’t mention Zoom until the last 30 seconds of the 3-minute skit, the video emphasizes the perks of using Zoom without overt promotion. This makes the content more entertaining and therefore more likely to connect with viewers.

The next time an executive struggles to connect to a video conference call, he might recall this video and decide to check out Zoom’s services.

Going viral isn’t something you can control, but creating engaging and entertaining content focused on target audiences is a step in the right direction. Video content marketing is a great way for brands to experiment with new and exciting content media

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