Here are 4 examples of curated Instagram accounts that can help you reach over 1 billion monthly active users which is extremely popular with young adults. 71% of young adults (ages 18–24) used Instagram in 2018!

This social media platform stands out among others due to its artistic nature and main focus on sharing images. The human brain is wired to respond to visuals, which is one reason why we all tend to gravitate towards photographs over text. On average, people retain 55% more information when it is paired with a relevant image!

Instagram’s focus on images has led to strategically planned profiles that feature a type of pattern within the grid you can see. This planned posting pattern is known as Instagram curation. While it might seem difficult, it’s actually fairly simple and a lot of fun! All it takes is some creativity and a bit of brainpower.

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4 Curated Instagram Accounts

We love finding beautifully curated Instagrams for some #inspiration!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Red House (@redhousevt)

This is one of my personal favorite Instagram accounts. Red House is a Vermont-based company that crafts beautiful waxed canvas bags and home goods. They also do an impeccable job with their Instagram.

The image below captures the pattern of their posting, which alternates images with lots of white and negative space with darker photos that have less negative space. This pattern creates a very clean look that shows off their personal style, sticks with their branding, and highlights their products in a subtle but very effective way.




Sun & Ski (@sunandskiinn)

This Stowe, Vermont hotel is located in a gorgeous location and offers family-friendly, pet-friendly, and affordable lodging options and amenities in the heart of the Green Mountains. Their Instagram account aims to exhibit all of the activities available in Stowe, their suites, and all of the beautiful Vermont scenery located right outside their doors.

The Sun & Ski Instagram is set up in a diagonal pattern that alternates between images of their rooms, scenic photos, things to do in Stowe, plus testimonials of happy customers dotted in every so often. The mix of posts is a perfect combination to show why Sun & Ski is a great place to stay and why Stowe is the perfect vacation destination.




Edson Hill (@edsonhillvt)

Edson Hill is a luxury bed & breakfast located in Stowe. Their Instagram profile features a beautifully curated feed that shows the unique aspects of the inn’s rooms, grounds, and decor, as well as seasonal recreation opportunities and highlights from their wedding venue.

The Edson Hill account sticks with a color scheme, utilizes white space in photos, and celebrates rustic elements in images. The profile pattern is not quite alternating, but this adds to the rustic charm of their aesthetic and still works as a visually pleasing layout.




Canva (@canva)

Canva is one of our favorite non-Adobe graphic design programs. Naturally, their Instagram account is curated to absolute perfection. Canva’s Instagram profile is a mixture of typography elements, images, and graphics to showcase all of the features that the program offers.

In addition to alternating the type of posts, the Canva account also has a rainbow pattern that can be seen by scrolling through their profile. This is done by posting a series of images that stick to one color scheme, and changing the color scheme after a set amount of images are posted.

One great thing about this type of color pattern is that it doesn’t have to go on forever. Even scrolling through Canva’s account far enough, you can notice that the pattern stops after a number of color changes.




Having an Instagram account is pretty much the norm nowadays, and while the platform is a great tool for brand awareness it’s easy to fall into a habit with the types of posts you create. Starting up a curation strategy, even if it is temporary, is a fun way to pull you out of a funk and get your creative juices flowing.

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