Do You Know What We Love In A Website?

Bold, beautiful photography; short, engaging videos; authentic testimonials; differentiated calls-to-action.

These Vermont websites serve different functions, but they all make use of the elements mentioned above.

3 Vermont Websites Doing it Right – FitWerx is focused on informing prospects, authenticating their brand, and enticing people into their stores. – NeighborWorks of Western Vermont educates potential clients about the different services offered by their non-profit homeownership advocacy organization. – Vermont Nature Creations is focused on selling a unique and beautiful product online.

Let’s see how these websites accomplish differing business and non-profit goals.




As a business, Fit Werx is all about putting the rider first through individualized bike fittings and matching each individual to their perfect bike. This is made immediately clear when you land on the homepage and see, “Rider First Bike Fitting. Rider Matched Bike Sales” front, center, and above the fold.

The rotational slide that is placed prominently has great images, designed to attract bike enthusiasts, but it also includes calls to action so a visitor that wants more information than what is presented in the picture can find it easily by clicking on a clear “learn more” button.

Each image that rotates onto the page captures and funnels visitors to the most relevant content for them.

The Fit Werx homepage also makes great use of embedded videos that are tailored to their two main rider types: novice and experienced. The videos come in under 90 seconds, are viewable without leaving the homepage, include powerful customer testimonials, and are fully Fit Werx branded.

With this website, Fit Werx establishes itself as a uniquely valuable rider-centric cycling shop, persuades site visitors to learn more by navigating further into the site, and ultimately converts site visitors into buyers at one of their three stores. We think they’ve hit a homerun on each count.


NEIGHBORWORKS Of Western Vermont


The Neighborworks of Western Vermont offers three types of services for current and future homeowners. This is made clear immediately upon arrival.

The homepage uses three boxes with bold titles that clearly differentiate the services the non-profit provides: “Buy a Home,” “Fix a Home,” “Find a Home.” Right away a visitor to the site will know what services NeighborWorks of Western Vermont offers, and how they can find out more about them. Directly underneath the listed services is more information with links that take the reader where they want to go.

The boxes echo the content in the top navigation menu but in a more visual way. The site also uses a rotating lead image embedded with calls-to-action to guide site visitors to the services and information they seek.

Further down the homepage is a space for featuring current blogs. Many sites provide only one access point to their blog – through the top navigation. But a blog is typically the most lively and up-to-date part of a website.

By featuring multiple blog posts with images at the bottom of their homepage, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont plays up one of the strengths of their site.




There are so many things to love about this e-commerce site. I’ll start with the stunning photography. The pictures of these hanging water gardens prove that professional photography is essential to selling products online.

Next, I love how the central sales pitch on the homepage comes in the form of a note from the owners. This authenticates the familial aspects of the business and gives visitors a connection with the owners.

The company’s main product lines are differentiated by tile-like images, giving visitors a visually pleasing entrance into the product line they are looking for.

What’s also important on the site is its unmistakable “start shopping here” buttons overlayed over the rotating top image and bolstered with accompanying customer testimonials. It’s clear that this website is ready to ship products.

Also, the account information and shopping cart are always prevalent no matter where you navigate within the site. So it’s always easy to click into your account details or shopping cart. This is a strong e-commerce feature.

These Vermont websites have different stories to tell and different functions to serve. Any business or non-profit would do well to emulate their approach.


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