HubSpot is an all-inclusive platform for inbound marketing and sales. It offers user-friendly software that can help boost marketing efforts with the goal of growing traffic, converting leads, and closing sales so your business can truly thrive in today’s competitive world.

HubSpot is a powerful tool to use for everything from social media marketing, content marketing, customer relationship management, email marketing, and so much more. You can even use the platform if you outsource your marketing.

Thinking of switching your business to the HubSpot platform for one or all of these areas? Here are our top tips for a smooth and successful onboarding process whether you are planning to use the basic plan or the professional version.


1. Define Your Goals

What do you want to get out of using HubSpot? It’s good to have clearly defined goals to use as a jumping-off point while you set up the HubSpot software so you can configure it to work for you. By having set goals, you can customize your HubSpot experience from the get-go and leverage the power of the platform to help you achieve those goals.

Whether your goal is for customers to follow a certain conversion path or to reach a certain amount of page visitors, make sure you know what you’re aiming towards. HubSpot has many features that can help your company grow and expand — and it all starts with knowing what your goals are and configuring the HubSpot platform and software to lead you on the path to success.


2. Organize Your Information

Especially your current CRM. If you are planning on using the HubSpot CRM system to keep in touch with email marketing contacts or customers who have visited your website, make sure you have all of your data and information in one place so you can integrate it with the HubSpot software easily.


3. Dive Into The Inbound Universe

HubSpot is very much focused on utilizing inbound methodologies for marketing. If you do not already understand inbound marketing and how it works, take some time to research what it’s all about. If you do understand a bit about how it all works, it never hurts to brush up on the ABC’s of inbound marketing and learn what’s new in the ever-evolving world of inbound.

Understanding the benefits of the inbound methodology makes it easier to implement an inbound program using the HubSpot tools and software.


Bonus Tip: Onboard With The Help Of An Agency

There’s a lot to understand when it comes to HubSpot and all its unique tools. Partnering with a marketing agency whose team is familiar with the ins and outs of HubSpot can make the onboarding process much easier to understand and implement.

Interested in getting started with using HubSpot? We’re a Hub Partner! Contact us to discuss how switching to the HubSpot platform can boost your marketing efforts and grow your business.


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