Marketing For Real Estate Becomes Easier When You Use The Right Tools!

Here are three marketing tools that we think are really helpful for Realtors:

1) Canva

Canva is an extremely easy-to-use program that lets you take your photos to the next level. You can use it to sharpen pictures, create collages, add words and testimonials on top of a photo, make an infographic, or share important details like dates and addresses for an open house.

This is an example of how we used Canva to share a testimonial we received from a happy client. This plays much better on social media than a simple text only version of the exact same quote!


You can create eye-catching photos that stand out on various news feeds which can lead to greater engagement and more interest in what you are promoting.

Social media platforms are full of professional photos and that is what readers and followers have come to expect. Canva can help a good photo look great as well as add a little variety into your social media routine.

As an added bonus, Canva is inexpensive and user-friendly. There are plenty of tutorials to teach you anything you need to know, and you can both share your creations with co-workers and create templates that you can reuse to save time.

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2) Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for creativity – and since it’s so visual in nature, it gives you the chance to highlight your properties in ways few other places have.

Instagram attracts a younger crowd – according to a 2016 Pew Research study 28% of all online 30-49 year olds use Instagram. And according to the National Association Realtors 2016 Generational Trends Report, “At 35 percent, buyers 35 years and younger continue to be the largest generational group of home buyers… ”

The takeaway from these numbers? If you are a Realtor, your audience is on Instagram! 

Be sure to share your blogs and offers, testimonials, videos, and beautiful photos of your properties on Instagram.

You can also use associated apps like Boomerang and Layout to vary things up a little – for example, you could use a video of someone slapping a ‘sold’ sign on the house to promote an excited feeling.  Or create a collage of popular local hangouts like bookstores and coffee shops so prospective customers can get a feel for your area.

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3) MailChimp

Mailchimp makes email marketing easy and effective!  Here are a few of the features of MailChimp that can help you maximize your email marketing efforts:

  • Organization: Email marketing works, and it’s even more successful when it’s targeted. MailChimp allows you to segment email lists so you can send specific messages to different audiences. For example: buyers, sellers, downsizers, retirees, or first-time homebuyers. The more targeted and relevant the email is to your recipient, the more likely he or she is to open it.
  • Analytics: Understanding what’s working and what isn’t is another important part of email marketing. For example, are people actually opening your emails? Are they clicking through to your website? Is a particular listing attracting attention and clicks? Analytics can help you understand these kinds of questions, and once you have the answers, you can start improving your marketing.
  • Newsletters: MailChimp allows you to use templates for newsletters, and that can make your job easier and your newsletter more professional looking. Putting your branding on a template helps to create a consistent look and feel – ideally, one that’s up-to-date, easy to read, and encourages people to read more. Create a template that reflects your brand and reminds the reader who it’s coming from, and then use it consistently throughout your newsletter marketing.
  • Automation: Finally, MailChimp is a good way to implement marketing automation – a major factor in the success of smaller businesses. When computers can take care of the repetitive tasks, you can focus your time and effort on improving future content.

Digital marketing is something that moves fairly fast, and it can feel overwhelming if you’re not quite prepared for it. Fortunately, tools like these can help you keep up with things and make the most of every advertising dollar you spend.

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