Traditionally, an “About” or “Meet the Team” page is where a company will list some or all of their employees, their titles, photos, and typically a brief bio for each person. These pages can be on the dry side, especially if it’s simply a list of names and titles with no other context.

A growing trend as of late has been to spice up the traditional About page and add some personality and life to them. They don’t have to be over-the-top, but adding in some unique elements and fun modern details can really make them pop amidst a sea of others.


Great About Pages

Here are several examples of About pages that stand out as memorable and unique in both design and content:

1. Sub Rosa

This New York design agency definitely has an interesting bio page. Each employee has their own section. Within each section, there is a collection of photographs – one of the employee, one of an object they hold dear, and sections with questions like “Where do you feel most present?” and “What do you most want to know?” along with their responses.

This is a unique take on the traditional bio page, as it allows you to take a deeper look into each person and learn something new about them. It is more reliant on images and less so on text, but the visuals are intriguing and invite you into a small part of each person’s life.


2. MUV Interactive

The team page featured on the MUV Interactive website has some sleek elements of design while maintaining a professional air. The traditional bio of each employee is followed with some fun questions, like “Have you ever solved a Rubik’s cube?” and “What is your all-time favorite app?” These questions allow their employees to share something interesting about themselves, which helps them appear approachable and personable alongside having the traditional information-laden bio that shows their wealth of experience.


3. Etch

Etch is a very small company with only three listed employees, which allows them to include more information on each person on their About page. Each employee has their own individual About page that includes all of the traditional information you expect to find in a professional bio, as well as a portfolio section with links to examples of their work.

What truly makes these About pages unique are the personal sections labeled “Resting” that show what each employee likes to do beyond their nine-to-five workday. Including this personal section helps customers, prospects, and anyone viewing the page to feel connected to each employee to a small degree and shows that the company is made up of individuals with different backgrounds, who bring their diverse ideas and skills together to create a unique company.


Elements To Include In An About Page

Creating a good About page is really quite easy. Include some fun and creative modern design elements to your About page, like videos and interactive effects – this helps the page stand out to the viewer and it will stick in their mind. Be sure to add high-quality photos of all employees, or whatever photos you choose to use.

Make sure all professional bios on your website are up to date. Then make sure they’re interesting. A good bio tells the reader who you are, what you do, and why you’re you.


Why About Pages Are Important

An About page is an essential element of a successful website. The best About pages show who is really behind the company name. You can get as creative as you want or just keep it simple, but the main point is to show your audience the faces behind your brand, and show the personality behind the faces. Your company isn’t just made up of a logo and tagline – it’s made up of each individual person that works there, who each have their own stories, and all add a new color to the canvas.

Putting a personal touch on an About page can show that your brand is authentic, creates a relationship between the viewer and the organization, and can create a sense of trust between customer and company.

The goal with a great About page is to be transparent, real, and human, because in the end that’s what we all are, and we are drawn towards those who are like us – relatable, interesting, and human.

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