Tips To Make Your Content Marketing Sparkle Through The Fall

A few tell-tale things happen in Vermont this time of year. The sun begins to set before 8 p.m. again, marking the end to late summer evenings. A dry chill punctuates the night air, hinting at autumn. Letters arrive from teachers, building excitement for the new school year.

In the digital marketing arena, the push toward September has content creators building capacity and momentum for a strong end of the year run.

An essential digital marketing element that warrants a close look heading into the fall is your blog. Do you have enough topics to finish the year with a flourish? Are your topics authentic and relevant to your target audience? Are there new industry conversations or thought leaders you should be tapped into?

Follow these strategies to strengthen your content marketing program to make the most out of the rest of 2017.

3 Strategies to Finish 2017 With a Strong Blog Progam

1. Build Out A Blog Calendar

We are big proponents of a blog editorial calendar to organize your topics, identify your target audience, and remain mindful of the keywords you are trying to hit for search engine optimization. While we tend to think of the blog calendar in annual terms, it’s not too late in the year to start one!

The blog calendar challenges you to look ahead and build out several months’ worth of topics. It ensures your content marketing efforts will continue apace without rushed writing or topics that are not well thought out.

Building out a blog calendar through the end of the year will take an initial time investment, for sure. But it will pay off in a reliable blog publishing schedule and a steady content marketing program to finish out 2017.


2. Re-Acquaint Yourself With Your Target Audience

Every few months, I find it helpful to revisit the conversations I’ve had with prospective customers and existing clients.

Sometimes when you take a closer look at customer correspondence you discover new pain points in your target audience and hit on new ways you can be of value.

Providing valuable blog posts that your audience finds relevant and enlightening is the cornerstone of a content marketing – or inbound marketing – program.

Take the time now, before the coming of fall accelerates the pace of things, to pick up on new ways you can use your blog to provide value to prospects and customers.

3. Find New Thought-Leaders And Industry Conversations

Take a cruise around social media with the intention of finding fresh industry topics to research and weigh in on. Visit the Twitter profiles of respected industry leaders and see what they’ve been tweeting about this summer. Check out LinkedIn’s industry specific group pages to read the content being posted. Let it spark writing ideas for your blog.

Look at the Facebook profiles and blogs of competitors. What are they working on this summer, and can you further the conversation with a blog post of your own?

Perhaps you’ll find industry newcomers producing unique, high-quality content. Reading new offerings can spark fresh ideas of your own.

A strong blog program is the cornerstone of your content marketing campaign. Use these strategies to keep your blog lively and create a strong finish for 2017.

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