Looking For Small Business Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business And Ensure A Steady Stream Of Revenue?

We’ve spent a lot of the past year diving into the various details and strategies that successful small businesses are using.

If you’re looking for successful marketing tactics that can help grow your business, take a look at our top ten blogs from 2016.

1) Can Small Businesses Use Inbound Marketing?

This is one of the most fundamental marketing questions any small business can ask. The answer is simple – yes, you can – but the execution of an inbound marketing strategy is another thing entirely.

This blog post focuses on the basic details you need to know in order to ensure your inbound marketing campaign can succeed.

2) How Buyer Personas Drive Inbound Marketing Success

The best way to market to an audience is to understand what motivates them to act – and that’s where buyer personas come in.

This post explains not just what they are, but how they can be used to benefit your company and how to effectively create them.

3) Three Keys Of A Small Business Marketing Strategy

We’re the first to admit that marketing is complex – but ultimately, there are a few things that will affect you more than anything else.

In this post, we discuss three of the pillars of your marketing strategy and how you can use them to improve your bottom line.

4) How Can Your Small Business Have A Successful Website?

Websites are the heart of small business marketing tactics – yet many companies don’t understand what a successful website actually looks like.

This blog post explains what every good small business website has – and provides the starting point for making decision. Speaking of that…

5) Why Squarespace Web Design Is A Perfect Small Business Solution

There are many different website platforms out there, and with all the advertising they do, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you.

In this post, we explain one of the options available for small business owners and why it might just be better than anything else.

6) Make A Profit With The Right Small Business Website

This blog post adds on to the previous two – and in the end, isn’t this what it’s all about? It’s not hard to make a profit with a website, really.

You just have to know how to set things up in a way that drives customers to you and compels them to stick around.

7) Why Is Google Business A Vital Tool For Local SEO?

Local SEO is the real focus of many small businesses.

This is what guides people to your physical location when they’re searching for nearby businesses – and unless you’re entirely online, it’s going to be a significant source of your revenue.

This blog post explains how you can utilize Google Business to improve your local SEO efforts and get found when people are looking.

8) How To Leverage Facebook For Small Business

Ads on Facebook aren’t limited to Fortune 500 companies – even small businesses like yours can use Facebook to bring in a steady stream of profits.

However, like all forms of advertising, you have to be careful if you want to get the highest return on your investment – and this blog post explains how to do precisely that.

9) 5 Ways Your Business Can Use LinkedIn For Sales

Similarly, LinkedIn is a surprisingly good way for small businesses to get customers – and if you never realized that was possible, you’re not alone.

This blog post will teach you the things you can do to make LinkedIn a successful source of revenue for your company.

10) The Impact Of Yelp Reviews On Your Business

Finally, recent years have seen a surge in online reviews as a way of measuring businesses – and they can have an impact on your small business marketing strategy.

Good reviews can help elevate your company to the top of a search results page, while bad reviews may push you down in favor of someone else.

This post analyzes one of the most popular review sites and how it can affect multiple parts of your business. If you haven’t thought about the way reviews are affecting your company, now is a good time to start.

So, that is our 2016 list. If you’re looking for help with your inbound marketing strategy, I am sure you will find helpful advice and answers to your questions!

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